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Thursday, June 2, 2011 ~ 9:04am

In the second half of 2010, German research house Sport+Markt conducted a global survey among stadium operators – the first of its kind in the world.

Almost 600 stadia operators from 39 countries were identified and invited to participate in the survey - a response rate of over 10% and the participation of representatives from 23 countries was achieved!

"With its own Stadia Consultancy Unit, Sport+Markt understands the stadia business, the needs and revenue streams and also knows the trends and threads of stadia management," says the company. "With our impartial perspective and expertise in analysing data, we have developed innovative services for arena and stadium operators."

Speaking exclusively at Stadium Business Summit 2011, Sport+Markt's Maria Walsh will present a range of topics (opening session, 10am Thursday 16th June) relating to the planning and refinancing of stadium projects, with a particular focus on investment, commercial rights and challenges. The results of the firm's global investigation on configuration, operations and utilisation are incorporated and provide an overview of the current status in the stadium market.

Key findings of the survey include:

  • The average stadium has a capacity of approx. 36,000 seats; most stadia have a hospitality area with an average ratio of 7.6% (hospitality seats to total capacity);
  • The main revenue stream remains primary usage (match day operations), but further revenue streams are becoming increasingly important;
  • E-Payment is gaining in importance and half of stadium operators already have or are considering a Naming Rights partner;

Future trends are:

  • Improvement of access via public transport – a very valid point in times of crowded cities;
  • Multi-functionality of a stadium regarding the configuration options of the venue – shifting away from β€œsimple” sports arenas, towards event venues;
  • The aspect of community and local understanding is key to success!

More insights from the first Sport+Markt International Stadia Operator Survey will be presented exclusively at Stadium Business Summit 2011. BOOK YOUR PLACE TODAY!

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