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Preview: StadeFrance Live Events – Filling those empty calendar dates

Monday, June 6, 2011 ~ 7:00am

How do you fill those empty calendar dates? For more than a decade, Stade de France has developed world-class, large-scale event content – creating a new business model.

For over ten years, the Stade de France has developed acknowledged know-how in programming and managing large-scale events, but also in the creation and production of major shows which have gone down in entertainment history. Such events have transformed Stade de France from a mythical sports venue into a legendary temple of entertainment, thereby inventing a new economic model.

Founded in early 2009 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Stade de France Consortium, the vocation of STADEFRANCE Live Events is to provide tools and content to stadia operators, from the design & construction process through to the operational phases.

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About the Speaker

Jean-Christophe Giletta started his career at IMG, (Mark H. McCormack group of companies), and spent 10 years organizing sporting events and classical music productions. He joined the team of the Consortium Stade de France in 1997 as Development and Programming Director. After 7 years at the helm of event and production at the Stade de France, he became Deputy Managing Director. In 2009, Jean-Christophe Giletta was appointed Chairman and CEO of STADEFRANCE Live Events. His goal is to make STADEFRANCE Live Events become "a benchmark player in the stadium content creation market in five years’ time.”

Learn from Jean-Christophe, President, STADEFRANCE Live Events how it has created a roster of stadium spectacles to fill event calendars, grow revenues and deliver more diversified audiences...


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