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Speaker Preview: Soccer City, one year on from the World Cup…

Monday, June 6, 2011 ~ 9:08am

Found out the realities of the post-World Cup stadium business in South Africa from Barry Pollen, Director, Stadium Management SA (Pty) only at Stadium Business Summit 2011 next week in Barcelona.

“On behalf of the City of Johannesburg, we manage four stadiums – including Soccer City – on a full financial risk basis with no funding from local or national government," explains Barry Pollen, of Stadium Management SA (Pty). "I'll be explaining how we do this?”

Barry will present his company's strategy for delivering a legacy for Soccer City, South Africa's showcase FIFA World Cup stadium.

Found out the realities of the reality, the challenges and the lessons of growing a stadium business post-FIFA World Cup from Barry Pollen, Director, next week at Stadium Business Summit 2011. Book now!


Barry Pollen is a Director of Stadium Management South Africa, the company which manages Soccer City in Johannesburg (which hosted the opening and Final of the 2010 FIFA World Cup) and three other stadia in the City of Johanesburg.

He co-authored the 2010 FIFA World Cup Match Venues analysis report of stadia design, cost estimates and business cases’ for the National Treasury, on behalf of the government of South Africa.

He was responsible for projects including Host City Event Master Plan for 2010 FIFA World Cup and also represented the City of Johannesburg on the professional team for the design and construction of the Soccer City Stadium.

Barry has over wenty years’ experience of stadium management and consultancy at many stadiums worldwide including Wembley Stadium, Johannesburg Stadium, City of Manchester Stadium (Manchester City Football Club), Millennium Stadium, Shah Alam Stadium…..


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